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🤓 eCommerce Strategist

Undisclosed salary

🌍 SalesGenomics Ltd | Kemp House, London


#strategist, #fbads, #ecommerce

We're recruiting for an eCommerce Strategist position and since it's hard as hell to find good people, I thought to put up a post here and maybe someone can help.

Quick intro first: We are an official Facebook Partner Agency for eCommerce working with 7-9 figure businesses. We spend more than $1,000,000 USD per month on ads. We tackle the whole customer journey from creative content, through media buying, conversion rate optimisation, email marketing and more. We’re currently an over 30-people fully remote team spread across 5 continents.

We are looking for an eCommerce Strategist to help with creating and execution of the strategy for our clients. Here’s what this position is about:

So you’re getting all the awesome benefits of running a marketing team:

Without all the drawbacks of running operations of your own:

What’s more there’s no cap to how much you can make. IN ADDITION to a regular salary, your compensation is tied to results you deliver, so the better you do, the more you’ll make. Finally a position that pays what you’re worth!

But here’s more opportunity to ascend the partnership. We launch our own eCommerce stores and we put our own teams onto their management. So if you’re REALLY good, you can become our partner in those businesses.

Now, what kind of person are we looking for?

We PROMISE not to spam you, respect your time and work, and we expect the same in return.

This is a full-time position, but we don’t mind if you have projects on the side, as long as our clients get priority. We’d start with a test on a few clients and then if we like working together, we’ll expand to full-time, so no need to drop your current engagements immediately.

We are fun to work with, and we do not have time for amateurs, so if you are looking for an enjoyable and professional partnership- please send me the message via Rocket Jobswith an outline of your experience, results you drove and 2 references. No CV needed, we only care about results.