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🤓 Marketing Specialist

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🌍 Zowie | Koszykowa 59, Warszawa


#marketing, #Ads, #growth

Zowie solves the biggest challenges of companies in the field of customer support. We use artificial intelligence to automate communication on chat channels (e.g. Messenger, WhatsApp, chat on a website). We provide an all-in-one, modular tool designed for building responsive, fast, and highly customizable chatbots. Despite all the functionalities, it does not require coding experience. 

We love challenges and the more difficult something is, the more motivation we have to deliver it. We surprise the market, we surprise our competitors, but most importantly, we surprise our clients in a highly positive manner. Among our clients, you will find the most recognizable brands such as Aviva or L’Oreal. And it’s just the beginning of the road!

One of our customers said that our platform is Apple among customer support platforms. To keep the rapid pace of our development and to work hard to constantly hold such a title, we would like to invite great
to join us.
Marketing Specialist

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