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🤓 IT Sales Manager

7 500 - 12 000 PLN brutto

🌍 Apptension sp. z o.o. | Nowowiejskiego, Poznań


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Hi from Apptension, Poland-based quality software craftsmen who mix outstanding tech skills with a solid dose of creativity. We partner with the world’s leading brands, disruptive start-ups, and ingenious investors coding their ideas into reality!

We flavor our client’s projects with the secret sauce which, taking dozens of awards they received into consideration, the industry finds delicious. But don’t take our word for it - join us and see for yourself what the Apptension vibe is all about.

Sales Manager position - software house environment

What's this position about:

What will your typical workday look like?

Your days will often be filled with client calls. Some of those might be about pitching an offer you had been creating with the production team and have an overall ownership over. Other calls might be a very early exploration of requirements for some of the most prospecting leads and you will be deciding on the best strategy to move them forward.

Other times you will be working with closing the deals: negotiating collaboration terms e.g. making sure the payment schedule is aligned with company’s practice or that we have a clear scope outline; having internal conversations about the best team to handle this project. 

There will be times when you will be asked to seek new business opportunities and we will rely on your idea of best actions and effort to pursue prospecting contacts within the network we created. 

You will often help less senior colleagues with some advice and consultation regarding their leads and accounts. Part of your responsibility will be to always recognise and advocate best practices for our team to carry out their work and you will recognise when those should be turned into a formal process that we may be yet missing.

You will support the Head of the department in executing long term plans, understand the financial forecasting and help implement actions that are aligned with those. 

What do you need to have to join us?

Things that will help you stand out from the other candidates:

Here's what we have to offer:

UoP: 4500 - 7200 PLN net
B2B: 7500 - 12000 PLN net + VAT

The Apptension Vibe is our favorite perk: we’re really into laughs, high-fives and comfy clothes.

Other benefits include:

This is how our recruitment process looks like: 

Start your application, we’re waiting for you! :)