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🤓 Project Manager

6 000 - 9 000 PLN netto

🌍 Emersoft LTD | Regent Street 162-168, London


#agile, #projectmanager, #b2b

If this description made you nod (or smile!), read on - you might be in for learning about your lifetime career opportunity.

We are Emersoft, and we’re a Software House with over ten people on board. Due to our dynamic growth, we’re now looking for another strong player to join our dream-team.

Here are the criteria you fulfil if you’re the right candidate:

Your responsibilities:

If you nod (or smile) again reading the above - then chances are you’re the one we’re after! 

How do we work?

We service renowned international clients mainly from the US and the UK. 
Most of us work remotely because we put results, not the location at the forefront of our business. We believe that a happy and independent team-player is always the most productive one. Although we’re big on the idea of digital nomadism, we also have two offices - in London and Las Vegas. 

All of us here, are hard-working ‘hustlers’, so there are no quiet days on our Slack.
We’re 100% growth-oriented and do whatever it takes to expand. 

What you get:

So if that sounds like you’re a good fit for this role, then wait no more and click the apply button.

We get a lot of responses but can only choose the best player out there.

Are you the one we’re after?

Apply now, and we’ll see you on the other side. 
Good luck!

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