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🤓 Junior UI/UX Designer

4 630 - 7 060 PLN brutto

🌍 Ethworks | Jana Czeczota 29, Warszawa


#UI, #UX, #Design

At Ethworks, we invest in ourselves, expanding our knowledge and skills. You can expect that we’ll draw you into our extraordinary world.
How about working in a young, dynamic team, with a competitive salary, great benefits... ugh… Instead of that, let my colleagues explain you why they work here:
Bartek (Full-Stack Developer): 
Because I wanted to do the blockchain. Now, I am already used to high-quality code. It is kinda hard to find another company like that.
Natalia (Head of Design): 
I love the feeling of being in the game and working with state of the art technologies.
Jagoda (Head of Operations): 
Because of the great atmosphere and the opportunity to grow. I get loads of challenging tasks, so I’m never bored.
Dmytro (Full-Stack Developer): 
The atmosphere is awesome, and the projects are exciting. Also, the quality of our engineering is very high. 
Piotr (Team Leader): 
I wanted to land a new job to do something connected with the blockchain. I messaged Ethworks, got in and stayed. It’s a great place to be.
Marek (CEO): 
I think it’s cool to work with emerging technologies that have the potential to grow. I didn’t find any company where I could work with them the way I wanted in the country. That’s why we created Ethworks.
We've been fortunate to work on some of the most interesting projects and with some of the most noble brands in the blockchain industry like, Ethereum Foundation, Polkadot, Maker and more. Check our dribbble account, there you’ll see our work. With us you can grow your skills to the highest point and focus on creating clean, effective designs.

Come and join us on this great adventure!
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