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🤓 Digital Account Manager

Undisclosed salary

🌍 Funktional | Karmelicka 52/9 street, Kraków


#PM, #Agency, #DigitalAccount

We are looking for an ambitious Digital Account Manager with real passion and heart for creating value.  In this role you will be operating as the leading point of contact for agency clients, delivering exceptional client experience, building client’s satisfaction and loyalty. You will be responsible for closing Clients, account management and projects execution and management.

Most of all, you should love what you do — be ready to bring your enthusiasm to every kick-off, meeting and presentation. Depending on your individual skill set you will receive projects corresponding with those skills but you will also get a chance to learn and grow in fields out of your expertise.  

If chosen, you will be responsible for:

Job requirements:

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We accept CVs both in Polish and English.