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🤓 International Sales Internship

Undisclosed salary

🌍 Madiff | Twarda 18, Warszawa


#B2B, #IT, #sales

MADIFF is an Innovation & IT Engineering Consulting Company that delivers unique value in the following sectors: banking, insurance, telecom, industries, life sciences, energy, automotive and railway & infrastructure industries.

MADIFF's philosophy is to make team with the Client in order to exceed the objectives settled and its expectations. We are driven by a creative and innovative consulting approach strongly oriented to getting results: We “MAKE THE DIFFERENCE”.

We are building and supporting software and applications in following areas: Robotics, Ai, Blockchain, Mobile / Data Analytics, Rechtech, EventTech, Adtech, BigData, Drone, eHealth, Fintech.

International Sales Internship
Location: Warsaw
Full-time / part-time

On this position you will be:


We offer: