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🤓 Digital Sales Automation Specialist

Undisclosed salary

🌍 Objectivity | Strzegomska 142a, Wrocław


#B2B, #sales, #prospecting

As a Digital Sales Automation Specialist at Objectivity, you will be taking care of building automates for digital sales, social selling, automated sales nurturing. You will work with analytics of your choice. If you prefer doing so, you are free to use a tool that you used to work with. Your goal would be automating sales process and increasing our range and conversion, mainly on the German market. You would be a part of our German sales team, working among others with Sales Executives. You won’t have to worry about working on it solely on your own – our sales marketing teams will be of help.

There is a possibility to work remotely full time, but we would be happy if you could visit one of our German or Polish offices once in a while.

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