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🤓 Frontend Developer

7 500 - 11 000 PLN netto

🌍 StreamCards | Burakowska 5/7, Warszawa


#gaming, #esports, #frontend

StreamCards brings never before seen on-stream entertainment. Our Twitch extension, currently based on the CS:GO title (more to come soon!), introduces interactivity to the tournament live streams. 
How? StreamCards is a card game fed with live data, it allows viewers to engage further with what’s happening in a tournament match, in real-time. It’s not another gamification mechanic, but a full-fledged, first-ever game for esports live streams. 

Currently, we are looking for a person who is passionate about esports, card games, and Twitch to join us in the role of Frontend Developer who will help us develop the current product for CS:GO and design the new ones. 




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