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🤓 Chief of Software Services Sales

25 000 - 35 000 PLN netto

🌍 ucreate | Krakusa 11, Kraków


#software, #sales, #b2b

Chief of software services sales

We're looking for a highly experienced sales executive with great English. Since this is a senior position we expect you to be an expert who will set our sales strategy and execute it with pigheaded discipline. Your two main responsibilities will be driving revenue and building the right team of people around you.

You need to be able to handle human communication very well and you must be eager to learn new skills even if that means facing temporary adversity.
You need to be a person other members of the team will love to interact with.
You need to follow the software trends, stay on top of ever-changing technology landscape and understand the most fashionable buzzwords.

This is a senior role, which is great for a seasoned professional with experience in selling complex solutions in b2b markets. Ideally in IT. If you want to build a team - you will have the autonomy to do that. If you prefer to be a one-man army - that's fine too.

Things you will work on:

People you'll interact with daily:

Things you'll definitely won't work on:


About us:

How to apply:

We expect a lot from you but we will give back to you appropriately as sales are the blood flow of every business. We're no exception.

- 30000 net a month. That's right. If you'll find a company in Poland that will pay more we're willing to reconsider our offer.