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Synergy Codes
Hello, we're Synergy Codes! We deliver beautifully designed apps for interactive visualizations and we create custom tools that organize data& processes and help business grow.
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Łukasz Jaźwa
VP of Engineering

Łukasz is a VP of Engineering who esures that new customers are stunned with our code, quality and knowledge. He is also a great GoJS expert who loves theoretical side of Computer Science.

Dawid Pawlicki
Brand Manager

Dawid on a daily basis does marketing magic and makes sure that you hear about Synergy Codes :) He loves bold designs, small teams and great humour.

Beata Szlacha-Pogoda
Project Manager

Beata is a Project manager at Synergy Codes, working closely with Customers, the Sales and Product design team. After “IT working hours” Beata is a Chinese Medicine therapist and runs her own acupuncture practice.

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If your voice isn't heard...

...let's make some noise! If you like what you do, then don’t call it a job. We cherish the positive vibes, neverending wish to develop and search for new routes to broaden the expertise horizons. Become a member of the Synergy Codes Squad and find your perfect place to be, to live, and to experience.

Our mission

Synergy means the combined power of quality, partnership, and ambition. By connecting these values with a problem-solving approach, we aim at creating an exceptional workplace for passionate professionals and deliver custom software to visualize our Client’s business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create leading software solutions in data and process visualization by consistently exceeding our Clients’ expectations and creating a renowned workplace for passionate professionals.

Our values

QUALITY FIRST<br/>We provide it through expertise, know-how, and a team<br/>of professionals. Quality applies to three main domains: project<br/>management, relationship, and excellent solutions we deliver.<br/><br/>PARTNER UP!<br/>We are team players first and team players always. We<br/>value spirit and relationships based on trust, loyalty, and open culture. We work with clients, not just for them, building a long-term

Our values

AMBITION AND COMMITMENT<br/>We take action. We talk the talk, and we walk the walk. We strive to do more by real project contribution and problem-solving approach. We provide help, suggest solutions, and organize educational workshops. We always aim high, but never at the expense of our personal life.

Perks & benefits you deserve

Organizational culture & atmosphere are our best benefits. Feel free to be yourself. We secure our mates’ own autonomous space in which they develop, and thus it has an impact on our company’s growth. Satisfaction from cooperating with experienced and enthusiastic people, participation in team-building events, and fun which are a crucial part of our work.

Wanna join the Squad?

If like us, you want to be yourself at work, you’re constantly striving for self-development, and the opportunity to see the real effects of your work gives you an energetic kick, well … check our website and see how we dive for pearls like you!

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