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Project Manager

Project Manager

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Project Manager - Technical Due Diligence Audits of Commercial Properties and Business Advisory to Real Estate Investment Funds

Scope of duties

Person employed in the subject role works as a business technical advisor for an investors interested in purchasing commercial real estates. We are looking for an experienced surveyor whose task is to independently conduct a TDD project from beginning (RFP received from the client) to end (supporting client at hand-over before closing), in direct contact with the client, organizing and managing the work of the audit teams. We work for the world's largest investors buying single properties or entire portfolios across Europe and, in a few years perspective, globally.


The work consists in the first stage of a technical audit of the building, scanning for defects and any non-compliance with the requirements of the local building law, technical conditions and fire protection requirements, preparation of a report that indicates the key risks, along with costs estimated for removing these defects or non-compliances. An important part of this, so called Red Flag Report is a CapEx Schedule comprising 10Y material expenses projection. We operate in a team whose basic composition is a general construction / structural engineer, HVAC and electrical engineers (all eligible to identify fire protection risks), supported by an architect and a lease specialist.


Each person in the team is responsible for the preparation of the part of the report corresponding to their areas of specialization. Our advisors, apart from identifying the risk, are expected to independently identify the legal basis, the significance of the risk on the course of the transaction, recommend corrective actions and their estimated costs.


The second stage relates to supporting the clients in their business decisions, technical consultations for other advisors (especially legal), lenders or insurers’ representatives. It is crucial to understand that the TDD report is not only a statement of the technical and legal condition of a building, but is the basis for business decisions regarding a potential investment. We expect our employees to be able to adopt the customer's perspective and professionally support them at every stage of the transaction, indicate the best way to mitigate identified risks and then monitor the process of removing defects or providing support in taking over the facilities from vendors.


We emphasize that the vast majority of our clients communicate with us in English and expect reports in this language. Therefore, a very good command of English is a prerequisite for participation in the recruitment process. People who also speak other languages ​​(e.g. German, French, Swedish) have an advantage.


Our employees are ready to mobilize quickly, work anywhere in Poland or travel abroad, they understandtime pressure associated with transactions. If you are a real estate consultant and you derive satisfaction from helping clients in the most difficult decisions on the real estate market – you are welcome in Arcadis.



  • Higher technical education;
  • At least 5 years of professional experience as a consultant in the general construction / construction industry or as an architect;
  • Experience in commercial buildings, logistic and residential preferable;
  • At least 3 years of experience in buildings’ technical inspections and preparing TDD (Technical Due Diligence) reports in English;
  • Construction qualifications to design and / or manage construction works in structural or MEP engineering and membership of the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers or architectural qualifications preferable;
  • Advanced understanding of the technical aspects of projects;
  • Practical knowledge of the application of Polish construction law, technical regulations and standards (both current and in force in the past);
  • Very good command of English, also in the field of construction vocabulary, enabling easy communication and writing technical reports in this language;
  • German, French, Dutch, Swedish language would be an asset;
  • Very good knowledge of MS Office;
  • Ability to work in a team and high organizational and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to work under stress, multitasking and problem-solving;
  • High energy, motivation and commitment to the work performed;
  • Willingness to frequent trips lasting up to several days in Poland and (rare) travel abroad;
  • Driving license - Category B.


We offer

  • Great teamwork.
  • Competitive remuneration and benefits.
  • Employment based on an employment contract or B2B.
  • When employed under an employment contract - a benefit package: medical care, Multisport card or Sodexo Pass, group insurance, Workplace Options private life support program.
  • Work in an international environment of experienced consultants.
  • Annual return of membership in one freely chosen professional organization.

Please be advised that we will contact only selected people.


Why Become an Arcadian?


Our work with clients has a direct impact on people’s lives and on the planet. We make moving, living and belonging in cities safer, more resilient and more sustainable. By partnering with our clients as responsible custodians of our earth's resources, we can create a sustainable planet.


We continue to think of new ways to make positive impacts and create better experiences for people; data driven and digital solutions have become part of the Arcadis DNA. Working together with clients and using techniques like design thinking, we can get to the heart of our clients’ most pressing challenges and work together to solve them.


As a global business, we have committed to support five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that our projects contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all. But it’s not just the work that we do on client projects that benefits communities and our planet. As a global business, we are committed to making a positive impact to society by supporting local communities where we operate.


To help protect our planet, we monitor and measure non-financial information to inform business decisions and reduce our own environmental impact as part of our commitment to be net zero carbon as a global company by 2030.

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